Classic Italian Furniture

Classic furniture company - Italian desing for manufacturers of massive home furnishing

Classic Italian furniture company

Craftsmanship of classic furniture manufactures (Massive Furnishing)

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Classic Italian furniture - Massive home furnishing

The manufacturing context in the production of classic Italian furniture includes two estimated furniture factories: Zilio Mobili and Elisa Mobili. Both companies are structured with productivity units in order to follow up and develop the entire production process of Italian home furnishing and contract furniture manufacturers, from an accurate selection of the raw materials till their seasoning, and polishing according to the traditional productive techniques.

The massive funiture factory Zilio Mobili srl adopts the ISO 9002 quality-standard procedures that allows the relevant certification to the direct control of each productivity step and the supervision of the Italian furnishings development and realization.

The industrial and the manufacture reality in the kitchen complements production is branded by the Zilio Mobili and Elisa Mobili Companies; both furnishing companies are conceived with optimal planning and production units in order to get the production row organized for the creation of particular pieces of furniture and unique complements of furnishing in solid wood. The raw materials are accurately selected and transformed till the polishing step according to the rigid production criteria of traditional handcrafted furnishings techniques of Venetian furniture-makers.

The offer is quite wide and in particular, it includes 16 lines of products for dining and sitting rooms and, 15 lines of products for bedrooms and more than 200 single items and pieces of furniture that all together represent the entire collection of classic funiture company complements.

The distribution network widely embraces the national territory, but it also has expanded internationally.

The great experience and tradition in the handicraft production of massive furnishing, make the companies of the Group inclined to sell their traditional italian furniture design not only to the national market but also to export the furnishing products in the international markets like the Japanese one as well as in the Chinese, Russian, Israeli markets. In particular, within the European Community, they export the furnishing complements in Greece, Germany and Austria.

Check out for the great and valuable experience and professionalism of the furniture production of classic style bedrooms of Zilio Mobili (Zilio Furnishings) and Elisa Mobili (Elisa Furnishings). Visit the official websites!

Moreover, all the companies of the group are specialized in the furnishing production for contract, functions for furnishings complements fittings and production of furnishings made to measure on a classic style.

The selection of the raw materials and of prime quality materials, allows the companies of the Zilio Group to arise among the best corporations on the production of wooden furnishings in Italy, and particularly specialized in Kitchen furnishings design and development.

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Classic furniture company - Italian desing for manufacturers of massive home furnishing

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